The fee is dependent on the size of the home, type of foundation, does it have a Pool/Spa, outdoor cook area, etc.

Quality! I am service oriented on site and spend the time so my clients understand what the homes condition is like now, what major items will be needed in the future, and what maintenance it will take through the years. My Home Inspection Reports are quite specific. For example, instead of just listing “plumbing leaks yes” or “there is a leak in a sink”, my reports state “there is a leak in the trap in the right hand sink in the master bathroom”. All this takes time, but my clients like this level of service.

Some of my clients use the report as a reference document as they work through the repairs and improvements in their home, and can always call me if they have questions. Additionally, your real estate agent will be in a stronger negotiating position for you—he/she will be able to use my clear explanations of issues in my reports when they negotiate with the sellers.

Beware of the cheap home inspector. You have to ask why is one home inspector cheaper than the other. What is the cheaper inspector not going to do in order to stay in business.

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