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Gas service for San Angelo and the surrounding areas

City of San Angelo

Information on water and trash system in San Angelo

New Leaf Energy


Our Goal is to Provide Affordable Green Energy for Everyone

New Leaf Energy believes that we should all make a positive impact to the environment and that you don't have to completely change your life in order to do so. That's why we are dedicated to bringing 100% renewable energy to our customers as well as a wealth of helpful and practical green living tips. We meet the industry's highest green energy standards by sourcing only 100% Green-e certified renewable energy, while keeping our prices affordable. Our goal is to provide a variety of green electricity plans and services for every possible household, making it easier for all of us to do our part in making the world a better place for generations to come.


We Make it Easy to Turn Over a New Leaf


You can go green with New Leaf Energy with a few clicks of the mouse or a simple phone call. Signing up with us takes only minutes, but the benefits last a lifetime and beyond. View our plans and then sign up or contact one of our friendly customer representatives at 1-888-389-4302 to start making a positive impact today.


"It's Easy Being Green!"


We think that going green with your home electricity should be convenient. One of the simplest ways to respect the environment is to use renewable energy in your home. When you choose the affordable rates from New Leaf Energy, you'll see that "it's easy being green" around the home with 100% certified green energy.


Easy Green Billing Options


By signing up for Auto-Pay and Paperless Billing with New Leaf Energy, you're making a strong statement on behalf of the environment. No longer will trees be cut down because of paper bills and the envelopes in which they are mailed - your bill will arrive in your e-mail inbox each month, complete with the convenience of your online account manager. Also, instead of worrying whether or not you mailed your paper check for your bill, you can schedule automatic payments to us through your bank's online payment center. You and the environment win!


Customer Service Convenience


We live in a fast-paced world. And since we're all interconnected because of modern technology, we know that it's important to reach out to our customers wherever they are, right when they need us. With New Leaf Energy, you can contact our friendly Customer Service representatives via phone, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. We will work to address your concerns to the best of our ability - you chose us as your retail electricity provider, so we want to honor that choice.


Pablo B. Green


He might be cute, green, and prone to the occasional ribbit or two, but Pablo B. Green is more than your ordinary mascot. He's your guide into the world of New Leaf Energy, and he wants to help you on your quest to be a green living expert. From New Leave University to our Social Media page, you can find him perched throughout our site pointing out the information that he feels is the most relevant and important to you as a New Leaf Energy Customer. Let Pablo B. Green help you become the friend of the environment you've always wanted to be!

Be on the lookout for Pablo across our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest - he's always on the go spreading the joys and benefits of a green lifestyle. You never know where he might end up next!

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Suddenlink Communications

Cable and High Speed Modem Service for San Angelo

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A choice for local telephone service in San Angelo and the surrounding areas


Have me call you.


Home Inspection Glossary

the InterNACHI Glossary